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Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, October 3rd, 2005 -

Copper Press announces The Time Keeper by Kevin E. Cropp is coming out with a new cover. In September of 2005 The Time Keeper was picked up by Greenleaf Book Group out of Austin, TX. Greenleaf is a national distributor whose business model is specifically designed for the unique needs and sales trends of small and independent publishers. They accept less than 5% of submissions they receive post production, and it is a great honor to have finalized an agreement with them.

To keep up with the growing consumer demands The Time Keeper underwent a FACE LIFT, and the new cover will be released to all major booksellers in November 2005. Company President Hadley Goodman says, "We are excited to launch the new cover in November. It is important to keep up with the current publishing trends and we are certain our consumers will be pleased with the new design."

With the growing number of book club orders, we have also added an author interview and book club review questions to the new book.

Diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of thirty eight, Linda Wails has only one dying wish—to make amends with her seventeen year old son. The North Carolina state baseball playoffs are in full swing and Corey Wails has more important matters to attend than his mother’s recent wish to start anew. But Linda Wails knows best that it is now or never for these two self-reliant individuals to work out their differences. One thing is certain, the Time Keeper will not be kept waiting.

In today’s busy world, readers will enjoy a book they can read quickly and walk away with thoughts about their own lives.

Advance copies are offered at the publisher’s site for 20% off the $14.00 cover price.


ISBN: 0-9760506-1-7

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