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How Would You Spend the Final Days of Your Life If Your Time Was Cut Short?

WHO: Kevin E. Cropp, author of The Time Keeper
WHAT: Based on the life of the author, this novel races against that which claims us all. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, a mother must rectify her relationship with her teenage son while there is still time.
WHERE/WHEN: Cropp is currently available for interviews nationwide.

(NORTH CAROLINA) It only takes one second to lose family, friends, hopes, and dreams. Unresolved issues are often left unsettled, questions left unanswered, and problems left unsolved. Tasks put away for tomorrow are no longer an option. But what if life's troubles could be put to rest before life ends? What if there is a chance to settle your past? Perhaps in the final days of our life we are granted the wisdom to see all that could have been, and all that should have been.

In The Time Keeper by Kevin E. Cropp, Linda Wails is fortunate enough to have this opportunity. Although diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 38, Linda has the chance to rectify matters with her 17 year old son. But with the North Carolina baseball finals in progress, Corey Wails has more important matters to deal with. Linda realizes the chance for reconciliation is now or never. One thing is certain, The Time Keeper will not be kept waiting.

Kevin Cropp can discuss:
· How this book compares to his own life.
· How to break your way into the book writing industry.
· Dealing with a family member struggling with a terminal illness.
· Dealing with an unrelenting relationship between a teenager and mother

WHY THIS NOVEL IS RELEVANT TO YOUR AUDIENCE: We often wrap ourselves up in our own lives, neglecting relationships between friends and loved ones. The Time Keeper reminds us that time is too precious to waste on petty arguments and misunderstandings. The novel teaches us to embrace every minute we are given as if it were our last, and to live life like there is no tomorrow. Based on Cropp's own life, readers will relate to The Time Keeper, and perhaps re-evaluate their own lives and relationships.

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