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Inspirational... November 7, 2006
Lee Ann, [Hertford, NC]
I enjoyed reading "The Time Keeper". I was saddened that it wasn't until the mother's illness that Corey felt loved and valued. It is amazing that the mother did such an amazing thing making her final days count and making it right. I am glad Corey was there for his mom; not every child could do that even in the best circumstances preceding the illness.

The best... November 7, 2006
Lee Stark, [NC]
"The Time Keeper" was definately one of the best Books that I have read in a while. It also helped me to understand what my own mother went through a lot better. It was also amazing to me how my mother forgave my grandmother how she did. Now I understand. Thank you, Kevin Cropp, for writing this novel.

Money well spent... November 7, 2006
Wilma Hadley, [NC]
I am very glad I purchased the book. It was money well spent. I purchase all of Nicholas Sparks books and I thought perhaps this would somehow be along that line. I was not disappointed at all and read the entire book in one afternoon as I prefer the shorter books. Hope there is another on the way.

AMAZING! November 6, 2006
Amanda Hawkins, [NC]
This book really hit home for me. I was 12 years old when my mother passed away with breast cancer. Now I am 23 years old and I look back on the time I spent with my mother. There was one part in the book where Corey was helping his mother get ready for her bath. He got her toothbrush ready for her so she could brush her teeth. It made her fell great just to have a clean mouth. Something so small can make someone feel so good. This book was a blessing and Kevin has a gift. And I thank him for sharing his story. I cant wait to read the sequel and see how Corey's road trip goes.

Anticipating the sequel... November 6, 2006
Kim, [NC]
I really enjoyed both meeting Kevin and reading his novel. I especially enjoyed how he incorporates his life experiences in his book adding a personal touch to the story. I am looking forward to the release of the sequel.

One of my best reads... November 6, 2006
Donna Aiello, [NC]
I am an avid reader. When I picked up this book I was not expecting much since I have never read anything by Kevin Cropp. It was definetly one of my best reads. The relationship between mother, and son is so beautifully explained in this book that I spent several lunch breaks crying while reading it. I will definetly read anything Kevin writes so keep me posted when his next book come out.

Captivating... November 5, 2006
Diana [Hubert, NC]
I just want to say thank you to Kevin Cropp. I had bought a book for both my mother and I. As soon as we came home we both started reading it which was hard for me because i have 3 very small children. but I managed to finish it in a day and a half. It was very hard for me to put the book down. It has been a very long time since I had read a novel so captivating. After my mother finished the novel we just went on and on about the novel. It reminded us so much of a crisis we had in our own family. My mother and I have actually grown closer after reading "The Time Keeper". It also allowed me to open my eyes to how i don't want to wait until it is too late to build a strong relationship with my children. I want to start now while they are really young and have it grow stronger as time goes by. My children are my strength. Thank you so much. I can't wait to read the sequel. "The TIme Keeper" is a novel that i will pass down to my children and hope they will pass it on to their children..

Not just a "chick book". November 5, 2006
Angie Cooper, [NC
The book was great…very moving and it made you think about the value of relationships, as well as how precious life is. And the baseball all through the book keeps it interesting for men. Otherwise it would be just a “chick book”. Nothing wrong with that but this is a book for both. I’m looking forward to his next book.

A terrific read and one that all parents and teens should read... November 4, 2006
Terry and Becky Coons, [NC]
Kevin Cropp is a master story teller who was able to capture the conflict between parent and child from each of their own perspective. Pulling the reader in, by showing the child's perception of his relationship with his mother and then turning the tables by showing how the mother perceived her relationship with her son, shows that the author not only is a gifted writer, but also one who understands the ever changing and fragile relationship that parents and children share. This is a terrific read for both teens and parents. I look forward to sharing the next journey that Kevin gives his readers.

Oh my how I enjoyed this book. November 3, 2006
Danielle Abrams, [Conway, SC]
I enjoyed it so much I read it in one sitting. This was very touching and Kevin is a gifted writer!!!

Outstanding! November 2, 2006
Denise Bissette, [NC]
I have just finished the novel, and I thought it to be outstanding. It took a lot of courage for him to share his personal experiences, and I commend him for it. The book was very emotional for me, and I really felt his pain. I think he is a very talented author, and I see great things for him in the future in his career. Good luck to him, and I can't wait to read his next book.

Couldn't put it down... November 1, 2006
Sandra in NC
I engoyed this book very much...I couldn't put it down read it in two days!!! He did a great job describing his mother's inner thoughts...I can't wait for the next book

Read it in three hours! November 1, 2006
Judy Lackey, [NC]
I bought your book at riverfest in Wilmington,NC Read it completely on the way home only 3 hour drive!! Loved it!!!!

What a book! November 1, 2006
Karen E.Gantt, LDN, [Fayetteville, NC]
Seldom does a book grab me so hard and demand to be read. The title, "Time Keeper" is so right, so apropos. My own losses, short comings seemed to ride with Corey as he unfolded so eloquently the emotions, the consequences life brought in this short span of time. I loved the book. I will look for Kevin E. Cropp's next book and the one after that. Good to have so capable a writer with roots in our home town.